The 25th of May marked the sad and tragic passing of George Floyd in Minnesota, America as a result of police brutality. 

Rightly so, this event has caused major worldwide outrage. As a black owned brand, this incident hits home & hangs a dark cloud over us. 

We believe justice must be served and that there must be a complete END to police brutality towards black individuals all around the world.


This is not just an American issue, this is a worldwide issue. We should not have to have conversations with our black friends, children and partners about how to stay alive in situations that could potentially kill them due to the colour of their skin. We should not have to keep telling our future generations that they have to work "twice as hard" as their white friends & colleagues to get anywhere.


This is why from the Saturday 30th May to Monday 1st June 50% of ALL LMN-ADE by Lauren Williams sales will be donated to the George Floyd Memorial fund. 


The fund we are donating to can be found here & will be used to cover funeral and burial expenses, mental and grief counselling, lodging and travel for all court proceedings: